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Our Ministries

At the Word of God Church there really is something for everyone.  Our ministries not only encompass the traditional offerings of what a traditional church offers but we're also heavily involved with our surrounding neighborhood as well as in the rehabilitation of those who are bound by addictive and destructive lifestyles.

My Brother's Keeper

Founded in 1998 as "The War on Drugs" and linked up with several other ministries with the same vision  M.B.K. has transformed the lives of thousands of men & women.  Our one year program replaces the need for drugs & alcohol with a passion for God.  Graduates of the program have learned new trades, started businesses, reunited with their families and started a new life all thanks to the transformative power of God.

The Break Free Youth Ministry has so much to offer for teenage boys & girls.  With a large facility, Praise and Worship, Powerful Ministry, and plenty of activities your young men & women will truly enjoy coming to church.  Summers are particularly exciting with trips, concerts, lock-ins, and much more to offer.

Kids Unlimited can be summed up in it's name.  It's a place where nothing is off limits through the power of God.  Our children don't just learn but they experience God.  With easy to follow lessons, compassionate leaders, and an exciting atmosphere your kids will feel like part of a family at Kidz Unlimited.

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